In order to create a nice Bantu knot, you will need to know how to properly twist your hair. Check out  https://mintbubblegum.commons.gc.cuny.edu/2019/10/14/how-to-two-strand-twist/(opens in a new tab) if you have no or little idea on how to twist.

Before we begin Bantu Knot, we always want to begin with clean hair. Shampooing and washing our hair is an important step at the beginning of every protective style. After washing your hair, make sure it is properly moisturized with leave in conditioner then you can go to detangling it.


  1. Separate hair into sections. The size of the sections can vary depending on how you want it to look. I suggest a medium size amount, so it does not look too spacious or too cramped together.
  2. Apply a generous cream to the section that you are working on, not only does it moisture the hair but also hold the bantu knot in place
  3. Hold the sectioned hair close to the roots and begin to twist.
  4. Once you feel a tight coil, begin to wrap the hair around itself and continue twisting
  5. Keep going till your reach the end.


  1. Add a little amount of cream after sectioning to able the hair to dry better
  2. If the Bantu knot is loose or refuses to stay in place, make use of a bobbin pin to secure it
Youtuber Only One Jess gives a video tutorial

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