Long Natural

As a natural, it is important to know how to properly detangle your hair. This will prevent breakage of the hair and help retain hair length.

You will need

  • Moisturize: Hair Cream or Hair Oil
  • Spray bottle filled with Water
  • Crunchies or Hair Clips
  • Wide Tooth Comb or Demin Brush

The following steps apply to both freshly washed hair and matted dry hair


  1. Start by sectioning the hair into 4
  2. Apply moisture on the section you are working with (Water & Hair Cream)
  3. Work the cream into your hair with your fingers while trying to stretch the hair out
  4. Go in with a wide tooth comb or demin brush (no other comb is advisable for 4c hair)
  5. Start combing from the end of the hair and work your way to the roots
  6. Then repeat from step 2


  • Water is your best friend, all ways moisturize. Do not comb your hair while it is dry
  • When you come across a knot: Do not pull on it. Go in with your fingers and try to gently untangle it, if it proves difficult and refuses to untangle use scissors and cut the hair strand out. Using a scissor instead of pulling on it avoids spilt ends

Stay Tuned for more!!!!

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